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4 New singles from the forth coming new album from Blind Fret & Raphael Slagg recorded at Blind Fret Studios
Boots n Tele High,Dry &#38; Dust cover 1Blind Fret - ELIXIR COVER MSTRLEAKY ROOF MAIN COVER Blind Fret - Rose - cover Blind Fret SXSW 14x14 Gold img0005 CONTACT

New Album “ONE LOVE” also in Works in the Studio “HEAR ALONE“
Blind Fret - One Love Cover Black Alone Hear - Black n White

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Blind Fret - One Love Cover Black Blind Fret - Hear 2 Feel blindfret 20 past n future
Blind Fret &#38; Jamie Fulkerson - Shine Free from your Spell 2 Roby Fire &#38; Honey # 3
VooDoo Bad

Collaborations with Adam Sundin and Stefan Andersson A & S Amplified & Raphael Slagg
Flood of Tears Cover whiteBlister Blues  1 A&#38;S amplified

Collaborations with Michael Reynolds & Blind Fret
Michael Reynolds - 40 Miles mileage cd jacket Michael Reynolds - Somehting Like.... v2